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TransMontaigne Product Services core competency is the efficient processing and disseminating of information related to high volume, low margin transactions to the entire downstream supply chain. RSI has developed an Internet based software solution for the administrative functions related to the logistics of refined petroleum products. The software links customers, suppliers, terminals, and haulers during a typical wholesale transcation process enabling them to share common transactional data.

TPSI's software solves administrative issues associated with buying, selling and distributing refined products. The software supports users of all sizes from major integrated petroleum companies to small owner operated trucking companies. TPSI's Internet based software connects its users so they can most effectively capitalize on market opportunties and increase the bottom line. TransMontaigne Product Services offers a unique combination of industry knowledge and proven technology, built specifically for petroleum product distribution.

TransMontaigne Product Services has developed two core products which provide administrative efficiencies to the downstream supply chain of the refined petroleum industry. It is a core belief of RSI that user's should have access to accurate transactional data and not be burdened with the redundant administrative tasks associated with refined petroleum transactions. Services are generally broken into two arenas, eFuel Manager for the supplier/customer segment and eFuel Dispatch for the carrier/customer segment.

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